Samoa III conference and field work preparations

Not the most exciting blog post title, but descriptively accurate. We’ve been in Samoa for a few days. Met with colleagues and friends (Christophe Sand, David Addison), listened to and gave great conference talks.

Conference after-party

Helene Martinson-Wallin, Mana Laumea, David Addison, James Flexner, Christophe Sand, Joe Mills, Matiu Matavai

Opening ava ceremony shot

Conference opening awa ceremony

After a day of running around I have a generator and a pump for our first wet-site excavations and everything else we need to begin next week. I even got to use my newly-learned Samoan language skills when buying the generator (O ai lou igoa?)

And Auckland MA student Joe Mills gave his first conference talk, a great success and on LiDAR analysis of landscape features around Tatagamatau on Tutuila and Samoa in general.


A well-deserved after-first-conference-presentation beer.