Three More Days to Core

We’re nearing the end of fieldwork here. I’m pretty satisfied with what we’ve accomplished–found some possible anthropogenic sand deposits (often in back of swamps, see below), although I’m not convinced they are that old.

There's cores back in the coconuts!

There’s cores back in the coconuts!

For the next few days we’ll finish up on the huge coastal plain at the northern end of Aleiapata. It’s not all work though (well for me it has been, marking 353 Labs, article review…): Saturday is Fiafia night at Taufua.

Fiafia at Tafufua Beach Fales

Fiafia at Tafufua Beach Fales

Oh, a hot tip for your obsessive-compulsive types. If you forget to bring your fingernail clippers with you in the field, don’t try to cut your nails using a sharp knife or the may end up looking like this.